Monday, April 1, 2013

Beaufort and Beaufort

Yesterday (Sunday) we took a couple of hours to visit
Beaufort (prononced BewFert) SC.

We stopped at tiny local cafe - Blackstones - a local
institution for our Easter Dinner then walked the waterfront.

While I will admit it's a pretty town, I don't think it holds a candle to our
current home town Beaufort (pronounced Bowfurt)

We took our Easter Self portrait in the water front park.

This morning we got up bright and early and hit the road for our
last leg of this trip...  the road home.

7 hrs later we arrived at our final campsite of the trip...
our driveway.

Pulling in...

The truck alone is the width of the road, and there is a deep ditch on both sides.
Not much room to back this big baby in there.

Back in next to the house,
Now.... where are we gonna go next?

So that's that...
Put a fork in it - our winter trip is done.

I still have a blog or two left about it.
A recap.   List of campsites.

I did an interactive google map where you can click on the map
pins and see the campsites...

This is the map - but not the interactive one just yet.

Each pin marks where we stayed at least one night.
The blue track is our westbound route thru Imperial Dam, then
the route turns red for the Eastbound migration.

That's going to come in a day or two.
Right now we have to get used to this big house and try and
remember where everything is.


  1. What a great trip it has been and I really enjoyed traveling along all winter long. Your photos are outstanding, and your format is perfect. Thank you good friend....see you in MAY, when we sail in....
    Hayden and Radeen

  2. we're sooooo glad you're home safe!!!! THAT was a great trip, huh? Now the work of unloading....don't forget what we did, we forgot to unload UNDER the bed! Cheers and sooo glad WE WERE PART OF YOUR GRAND TOUR!
    But please don't ask me - yet......where next?
    Let me kill myself gardening first.....then ask!
    xoxoxo to all

    How's the Gracie footy?
    oxoxox Kristi

  3. Glad you are hom and had a safe trip. Thanks for letting be a part of it in person and through your blog.
    John - tini

  4. Thanks for letting use ride along. See you later this year when we drive thru on our way to Annapolis for the boat show.

  5. We'll have a pot of sauce waiting Bobby.

  6. sad to see this blog even though I knew it was coming. I guess I got used to the daily updates complete with photo's. A pretty sunrise or sunset in almost everyone... Maybe you could do a recap of the sunrises and we could all vote on the best? Trying to get one more blog out of T

  7. We've been following you. We'll be in Beaufort, NC in September. I'll get with you when we arrive.


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