Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Interactive Trip Map

Below is an INTERACTIVE map of our trip.

Each Map Point represents a place that we spent at least one night.

The blue line is our westbound route thru Yuma, Az.
The red line is our eastbound return.

If you click on the map points you will see a picture of each site,
plus some information about that site.

At the bottom of the map you can click on "View Larger Map"
to see the map in a more user friendly size.

Give it a whirl!


  1. It worked super well!!!!! How cool is that?

  2. Greg:

    Have you figured out where anything is at home yet? After 6 months on the boat getting back on land and in the house is like exploring!

  3. What a great summary of your adventure!! Thanks for compiling this map to share. Glad you area all home safely!


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