Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tonto National Monument

For the last week while we've been here at Roosevelt Lake,
we've been looking up at the nearby mountain with binoculars
and could see the old indian ruins up on the side of the hill.

Last night as the sun set over the hill once again I decided it was time
to do something about it.

So - today after the workday was over we finally took a short hop
across the road to Tonto National Monument.

Like many of the ancient cliff dwellings scattered about
the American Southwest, you must climb to reach them.

This view is looking back towards our campground on the lake
and about 1/2 way up.

The southern exposure of the hillside is helping the spring flowers
get a jump on things.

The walk up was fairly long and just getting over our colds was
a little tough on the lungs but still worth it.

Just a little further to go - the walk up however was so pretty.

Protected since 1907 this is one of the few ruins where you are allowed to walk inside
the walls.

A grind stone with a few miles on it.

The view out of one of the windows.
I can imagine them - 800 years ago - looking down below
on my camper - wishing that they too had satellite TV.

Here's a few more shots of the flowers that are all getting ready to pop at any time.

Our Self Portrait of the day

Back down at the lake we saw a guy with a sail mounted on
an inflatable dinghy

The Boat Ramps are huge - necessary due to the large
fluctuations in the water levels.
There must be parking for 500 boat trailers here!

At a day use picnic area in the campground is a pioneer cemetery.
Kate stopped to perform some maintenance.

We are now back at the house and I'm running the generator for the third
time this trip....
Making ice you know!


  1. Greg,

    We normally have plenty of power to make ice without the generator. Just run it while the sun is up.

  2. I think those ruins are so cool! Maybe one day we will make it out that way. What a world we live in!

  3. Love the sailing picture, and your self portrait. Glad you guys are feeling good and able to sightsee again!! Margie

  4. OH MAN!!!! Those ruins are awesome, I just LOVE those pictures!!!! I wish I had been there with you! I hear about the old lungs being compromised from that dang nose-ring cold Kate and I brought home! o xoxoxoxo Jim and Kristi


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