Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fredericksburg, Tx

Our next stop along our eastward migration was to be
the Kerrville-Shriners Park in Kerville, Tx.
I had reserved a spot for 2 nights here.

Our reason for this location was the park - a former state park now run
by the City of Kerrville - had high ratings for privacy and wooded sites,
and was near Fredericksburg Tx a town settled by German immigrants with
no less that 6 German Restaurants.

Since it is spring break week (month) I had tried to make reservations all across
the state on our migratory pathway.  It wasn't easy finding something we liked, but
I was able to get the job done.

Upon arrival at the Kerrville Park we pull into the entrance and come up against
a code operated gate and a sign that you must register at the park
office further up the highway that we had just left to enter the park.

Ok...  problem is there is no where to turn this rig around....
Off to the right however is a drive marked "service road - no admittance" so
I take the chance and up the road we go eventually coming to a maintenance garage
and a spot where I can turn around on some grass just barely clearing trees on the side
and top of the camper.

Off we go to the office - get our assigned spot - and go back to the 
park gate with our magic code in hand and after several attempts the gate
opens and we enter nirvana.

Upon arrival at our spot - the only one left - I realize that the tree limbs
(a thick Live Oak Tree)
are about 12' off of the ground and we are 13' 4" tall.
This is not going to work so back to the office we go.

It's time to find a place to stay elsewhere.

Since during my searching to find this park I'd learned that all the nice
State Parks in the vicinity were booked solid we started to call some RV Parks
that looked like a decent alternative....   all were booked solid.

So we drove to a local Lowes where I could park and spend some time
regrouping and putting together a plan B.

Eventually after a few more calls I found a place in Fredericksburg that
sounded nice and had 1 space left.

I told the lady 3 times that the trailer was 37' long just to be sure and she said no problem.
I was concerned that when you get the last space....  its not very nice.

Turned out to be a very nice little park with a great location and our
site was one of the nicest in the park.

We only had it for one night so upon arrival we dropped the trailer and headed
into town (about a mile or so) for dinner and a quick visit.

Besides its German Heritage, Fredericksburg is the birthplace of
Admiral Chester Nimitz who was the Admiral of the Fleet in the Pacific
during WWII.

So because of that the town has several museums dedication to the
war in the Pacific.

This is the outside of the National Museum of the Pacific War.

After dinner we drove around for a quick sightseeing tour of the town and
was quite impressed with this little city in the Texas Hill Country.

While it is a bit touristy - it also had some beautiful residential sections.

The old Cemetery

Upon doing some research I learned that these old buildings are owned
by a San Antonio Shoe Company and used as a corporate retreat.

What a cool place!

For dinner Kate had Jagerschnitzle and I had Roulade.
Both were served with Potato Pancakes, and Red Cabbage
washed down with a couple of dark beers.

Then it was back to the camper and time for me to find out
where we were going to spend tomorrow (Friday) night.

San Antonio here we come.


  1. Glad you found a place to park and the German food brings back memories of my TDY to Germany.
    Safe travels.

  2. Glad you found such a lovely spot after all your misadventures!

  3. Once we build our new home in the area you folks will have to come out and visit us!


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