Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grooming Day

Ok - I just couldn't hold off any longer.
After 3 months of running wild in the Desert Southwest,
the Doodles are dirty little Desert Rats.

I was trying to hold off till we got home but I just couldn't wait any longer
so today I tackled Gracie....

She's not done - I need to do a bunch of finish work,
Combing/Clipping the ears, etc 
but at least the heavy lifting is done.



I still have the other Rat (Lucy) to do as well.

UPS delivers right to our site here so I didn't have to go to
a UPS store (30 miles) to get my package from the office.

The driver was kidding around with me saying "if this isn't the middle of nowhere...
it cant be more than a mile from here".

Yes - we are off of the beaten path here.


  1. Aww and look what a big smile Gracie has when she is all done! I think she loves her new "do".

  2. I know just how she felt - I got my first haircut in over 6 months yesterday. Enjoy the boonies!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Gracie is beautiful...before AND after!

  5. Deja Vue - is this Tejano for Deja Vu?


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