Friday, March 29, 2013

East Shore ACOE Campground & Technical Glitches

Leaving New Orleans behind, Yesterday (Thursday 3/28) we drove another 
5 hrs east, arriving at our next port around 3pm.

We drove out of Louisiana, Thru Mississippi & Alabama and settled into
a really nice Army Corps campground just north of 
Chattahoochie, Fl.

Leaving Fountaineblue State Park I had to be careful driving
thru the Live Oaks as many of them would have hit the roof,
perhaps taking out an air-conditioning unit.

5 hrs later we were settled into our prime site at East Shore Campground.
Site C22

The picnic table and view beyond.

A view of the campground from the other side of the loop looking back
towards our site.

Meanwhile, this morning Gracie hurt her left foot trying to jump
into the truck as we were getting ready to leave.

She's been limping so Papa decided to feed her up on the couch and
let her rest a bit.

This morning she seemed fine and was not limping but tonight she
is limping again.   Hopefully she'll heal up or we'll take her to the
Vet when we get home.

Last nights sunset and a family enjoying the view.

The East Shore Campground has moved up onto our must visit again and
spend some time list.  

Today we moved further east and now are at a luxury RV Resort on
Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

We'll stay here for a few days before moving on.

More on our current digs in tomorrows blog.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Hope Gracie feels fine by tomorrow! Lovely photos once again. Hope you enjoy Hilton Head....only one more state and you will be home!

  2. Wow. lovely site BUT dang, you're getting close to HOME!!!!! I mowed the lawn today, got my driver's license renewed, shopped for Easter Egg stuffing, gardened about 3 hours, had a nephew over w/ his new almost-step-daughter who is 5 and gave her shells!!!! Life is good, very, very good! Sunny and clear here....but only 55 out! xoxox Kristi and Jim


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