Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Icefield Parkway

Every once in a while the stars align, and things just fall into place.
When they do - you just have one of those perfect days where nothing can put a damper on it.

Today was one of those days!

It began with a Bear walking in front of the bus.
I tried to get a photo of it but my battery was dead and by the time I got it
swapped out it had wandered off in search of another camper to eat.

Meanwhile...  for several days I'd been watching the weather hoping that our 
Sunday drive up the Ice field parkway would be in good conditions.

As one of the prettiest drives in North America - good weather would make all the difference.

As it turned out - we did not have a cloud in the sky.
Crystal Clear Conditions!
We could not have asked for better weather!

The 180 mile drive takes you thru the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Beginning at TC-1 just north of Lake Lousie we headed north on the Parkway as the mountain
vistas enveloped us in 360 degrees of scenic beauty.

We noticed the big difference in this trip vs the last...
Previously we were pulling a 5th wheel with an F350 dually.
This time driving a Party Bus.

The difference in the view is like comparing a 27" TV to an IMax Theatre!
The big front windshield and glass all around makes for so much more of an
immersive experience....

Its the only way to travel!

We stopped at several pullouts to enjoy the scenery.
At several we became the subject of the tourists cameras as they were not
accustomed to seeing RV's like ours.

One of the numerous mountain lakes along the parkway.

Kate & I pose for the camera

An iPhone Panorama

Yours truly

The mountains reflected in the calm waters as we motored northward.

Midway on the drive we climb up into the Columbia Icefield, the largest
Icefield  - One of the largest non-polar icefields, and the largest in the Rocky Mountains
of North America.

We stopped at the Icefield Center for lunch and to let the dogs (and us) stretch our legs.

You can boondock in the large RV Parking lot at the Icefield Center.
The Athabasca Glacier towers over the bus in the distance.
You can take snow cat tours of the glacier from the Icefield Center.

RV Parking at Icefield Center Jasper National Park

Heading down the northern slope the road follows the Athabasca River.
We will follow the river all the way to Jasper, and then beyond when we leave
Jasper in several days.

This pickup truck has been following us for miles.
The faster I go... the faster it chases me!

Kate took a nap with the dogs for a bit.😴 💤

Back down to about 3,600 feet, the forest is mixed Deciduous/Conifer again.
Our destination for the night is at the foot of the mountain straight ahead.

Finally we are nestled in our new home.
Whistlers Campground in Jasper National Park

Whistler Campground Jasper NP Site 64C

It's a beautiful forested campground surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

I did a drivelapse video of the drive up the Icefield Parkway.
From leaving Banff to Backing into our Campsite.

It takes a 6 hr day and condenses it down to 11 minutes.

I had some problems with getting the HD resolution right but I think its working now.

If not - let me know.



  1. A perfect day indeed! Only exception.... a dead camera battery and no photo of that bear! Looks like you chose the right day for traveling that lovely stretch.

    1. Ha! Good point.

      I have a feeling however, that in the next month or so we might see a bear or two. 😀

  2. Glad you had such an utterly perfect day!! Your photos are extraordinary! Love the reflections of tge mountains in the water. Guess we will have to take your word for it on the bear. Keep on having fun!

    1. I shall make it my mission to get a "Radeen Bear" Enjoy your pool time after the work gets done.

  3. Hey Greg and Kate. Looks great. U do such a great job with the blog. Luv it. Such a cool trip. We miss u guys. All is well in Beaufort. Sue and Mike r currently on a trip in their bus in Kentucky. Take care...Mac

    1. Thanks Mac,

      Glad you are enjoying the ride. Its only gonna get better as we push ahead. Say hey to everyone for us.

  4. The water is like glass! Such a beautiful site. We saw a bear, many years ago, heading back from Ocracoke. He just sat in the middle of the 2 lane road eating something. He wasn't scared of us at all! I got some good pics on my flip phone lol! Miss you guys and safe travels!

    1. An Ocracoke Bear eh? I bet he was eating BoJangles. LOL

  5. SO SO beautiful!! Glad you were in the RV when the bear decided to visit! Greg...I see the 'notify me' box and checked I should get any response you do in my gmail...I'll let you know if it works.

    1. Kate actually spotted the bear... The folks across the way had a black Standard Poodle. Kate said " I didn't know his dog was so BIG" Then she says... holy crap Greg... its a Bear! It was early (we were getting ready to leave) most folks were still sleeping and the bear just ambled thru everyones campsite looking for a meal.

  6. Hey Guys,
    Love the photo's. Greg I almost didn't recognize you. You look awesome!! So glad ya'll are having so much fun. Wish I was there!

  7. What a nice leg of the journey. You sir are looking like you are getting down to your fighting weight. Looking sharp! The local chicks will be hot after your form.


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