Friday, May 19, 2017

Bouncing around Banff

We've been hanging around Banff National Park in Alberta Canada for the last
few days and it's hard to get tired of this place....

So much to do....
So much to see....
So little time.

The weather has been brisk and refreshing.
Cool and damp at times.
Changeable I guess is the best way to describe it.

Below is the view from my bedroom window as I lie in bed in the morning.
(The view is actually what I see as my head lays on my pillow)
Peaceful and quiet...  the fresh mountain air fills the room.
It's truly a wonderful place!

Our site - #520

Banff National Park Trailer Court Campground

Each morning we take the doodles ( and each other ) for a walk.
Kate said that a number of people have been complaining that there has been no pictures of us
lately so I will throw in some this time around.

Here we are on the morning stroll.

Of course - my favorite subject is Kate.

Our morning view as we stroll is pretty nice for sure.

 Thursday we went into town for lunch.
It was cool with passing rain showers.

Banff is a vibrant little community.
Tourism based, with plenty of restaurants, gift shops,
and all of the other type of establishments that one would find in a tourist town.

This is the view on Banff Avenue downtown/

Downtown Banff, Alberta Canada

Another view of Banff Ave.

We had lunch at the SaltLik Restuarant.
A local steak restaurant with a nice lunch menu.
I had a Kobe Burger & Kate a Steak Sandwich.
Both were delicious and served fresh and hot.

Friday afternoon after work we headed up the Bow River Parkway.
A road that meanders thru a wildlife sanctuary in the National Park.
While we did not see any wildlife, our destination for the day was the Johnston Canyon Trail.

The JCT is in Banff National Park and is a 1.5 mile trail along side Johnston Creek.
It passes 7 sets of waterfalls as you walk along side of the stream.

At times the trail is on catwalks that are suspended on the side of the canyon walls
directly above the rapids below.

 A bridge across the Johnson Creek along the trail.

Our destination - about a mile and a half in the canyon was the lower falls.

Lower falls - Johnston Canyon Trail Banff National Park

And again... another shot of Kate and I at the falls.

When we returned to the truck - we still had some time to kill, so we drove another
25km west on TC-1 to Lake Lousie.

A beautiful location - it's still a bit early n the season and ice is still on the lake.
Once the ice melts the lake is a deep emerald green color which would contrast with the colors
of the sky, snow, and mountains.

Here is a stock photo of Lake Louise later int he season

Located on Lake Louise is the Fairmont Chateau.
After walking the shoreline we visited this beautiful and luxurious hotel.
There are gift shops, bars and resturants with a view to die for!

Beauty & Luxury all in one spot!

We were here three years ago with Ron & Maxine....
and  Rob & Pat.
Dave and John.  (who were not in the photo)

The ice was still on the lake then too, although the photo below was about 2 weeks
later in the season.

Headed to Alaska

This is truly a beautiful area.
The Canadian Rockies are breathtaking.

Below is a photo taken on TC-1 as we drove back to Banff.

We are now back at camp and the park is slowly fillign up for the long
Victoria Day Weekend.

Our peace and quiet will be temporarily gone.

We are here for one more day and then on Sunday we'll head north to
Jasper National Park.

Stay tuned for the Icefield Parkway.
One of the prettiest drives in North America.


  1. Again.... I hope you made it to one of my little pieces of paradise, Lake Moraine. It's several miles out from Lake Louise and in my opinion puts it to shame with its beauty. Not as many visitors go there as the big tour busses can't fit. It is truly a magical spot on this planet.

    We've been to Banff and Jasper and the Icefields several times but it's always been in the summer time.

  2. My traveling friend says this is the most beautiful place she has ever seen and it sure looks like it. Your photos are really good. Outstanding job. What a contrast to the heat here in Fajardo Puerto Rico. Ps. Greg, you look GREAT! CONGRATS on the new you. Kate always looks great :-) Next we need the kids in a picture too.

  3. The mountain air is doing wonderful things to you two- you both look amazing! Miss you and looking forward to continuing to read about your adventures <3 Kirstyn

    1. Mountain air? Nah! I think it's the Molsons. 🍺
      Glad you are enjoying the ride. Keep tagging along.

  4. Another gorgeous view! I love waterfalls. Y'all visit some awesome places. You guys look awesome!! I see you're still losing weight. I'm enjoying all those shakes you gave me! Safe travels!

    1. Keep on shakeing it girl.

      We just had a drive today that was out of this world. One of the prettiest drives in North American and the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky.

      Working on the blog now.



  5. Another great place to visit on your adventure. Still have the jacket I bought in town that the girls helped me get at a great price. Ron's wearing my hat, or one just like it. Glad you guys are having a good time.

    1. Wow Dave... You are way behind in your blog reading LOL You must be working too hard. Its funny you mention the Jacket. We were in the store and all of a sudden Kate said: "this is where Dave bought his Jacket" then told me all about how nice it was and what a good price too.


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