Sunday, January 27, 2013


Our travels today took us to downtown Yuma
and the Yuma Territorial Prison.

The prison operated from 1876 to 1909 and
had a fearsome reputation in the old west but in actuality
it was a modern progressive prison for its time boasting such amenities
as running water, electricity, and flush toilets.

Over it's 33 year existence over 3,069 prisoners including 29 women 
called its walls home and 111 died within its walls, 
mostly from Tuberculosis.

Here is prisoner 1005 getting checked in.

The above mirror was the actual mirror used and allowed one photo to capture
both a front and profile shot with one picture...
(remember - photo technology was rare & expensive at the time)

I escorted the prisoner thru the main gate...

Then thru the cellblock gate..

Down the rows of cells..

And into her home for the duration of her sentence.

Since she was going to be locked up and out of circulation for a while...
I found me a new honey

So me & my new honey headed off for the green fields of freedom
laying just beyond the walls of the prison.

After the Prison we headed to the Yuma Farmers Market.
Along the shore of the Colorado River at the Yuma Quartermasters Depot,
we were able to score some great produce.

A bag of oranges for $2.00
Freshly picked Pink Grapefruit - 2 for a dollar.
Fresh Romaine Lettuce - $.50 a head.
A bucket of San Marzano Tomatoes for $3.00 

There was also some higher priced but excellent selections such as 
Cinnamon Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
and Vanilla infused Balsamic.

An excellent selection of fresh herbs rounded out the offerings
to which we availed ourselves.

Later - back at the RV Park, the usual happy hour was followed
 by another fantastic group meal...

Roasted Chicken on the Grill, Baked beans, Salad & Rice was
followed by Coffee and fresh baked tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.

Did I mention that Ron has an expresso machine in his rig?

It's a tough life out here on the road but we're surviving.


  1. Ron has espresso???? I don't even have that in my S&B house! That's not fair! Sounds like you are having a great time!

  2. Kate your prisoner is a funny and fun concept. You both are having a blast. Life is an adventure out on the road. Great day.

  3. Love the prison & prisoner!

    1. Forgot to put who's its from again.......

  4. We've had our Nespresso on board since 2003.

  5. Amber... are you going "Blonde" on us? :-)

    Bobby - you guys are just living life large!
    Wine, baguettes, expresso.

    If you put a hot tub on Gra'inne you'll be set.


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