Sunday, June 1, 2014

Prophet River Wayside to Liard Hot Springs

We were back on the road northbound at 0830 today (Saturday May 30).

First I had to get a picture of our hitchhiking friend.

Seems that a spider has been hanging out inside my mirror since we were in Walla Walla.

Each morning I would remove his web and then the next morning it is back.

DSC 7074

We’ve named him “Hitch” and wonder how long he’s going to tag along.

The first hundred miles or so of our drive this morning heads thru relatively flat land parallel to and east of the Rocky Mountains.

DSC 7076

We are able to make good time thru this pretty country.

Along the way we saw a number of Black Bear along side the road.

DSC 7081

Soon the Alaska Highway turns westerly and heads for the Rocky Mountain crossing.  You can see the mountains in the distance

DSC 7085

Before we know it we are in the mountains and start spotting Moose.

DSC 7086

The drive slows as the road narrows and becomes a bit rougher.  When they built the highway, the Army Corps of Engineers were

not even sure of the exact route the road would take thru the mountains so the enlisted the help of local trappers to help in planning.

IMG 4681

As we reach Stone Mountain - the high point of the Alaska highway we start spotting more Dall Sheep and Mountain Goats.

Traveling in early spring affords us this great opportunity for as the year progresses and it warms higher up, these animals

will leave the lower elevations (and the road) and retreat to higher and more secluded pastures.

IMG 4711

IMG 4715

We stopped at Tesla River for Cinamon Buns - they highly rated among Alcan travelers and we were not disappointed.

I filled the truck with Diesel while there - 140 liters @ $1.89 a liter - That’s $7.15 per gallon.

By early afternoon we had crested the Rockies and were descending on the western slope.

Along the way we stopped at McDonald Campground on Muncho Lake.

It is a beautiful setting…  peaceful and serene.  It is certainly a place I would love to come back to…  perhaps with the Dog House.

DSC 7096

Along the shore I spotted some emerging wildflowers.

A bit of this years bloom mixing with the colors of last fall. 

DSC 7102

Lower still…  a heard of Bison paused to rest along the roadside.

We also saw Elk, Beaver, and porcupine today. The variety and number of animals has thus far been quite amazing.

DSC 7119

By 3pm we were at our camp for the night.  Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park.

It is pure boon docking - no services, no cell or internet but what can one expect?

We are 100+ miles from the nearest town and above 60 degrees north.

DSC 7122

The park is named after the hot springs that briskly flow thru several pools that capture the magical flows. Each pool that was further from the source was

a bit cooler so you were able to choose a temperature that best suited your taste.

The springs were a big hit for the Soldiers while they the Alaska Highway and it was a big hit with us as well.

We all went for a nice long soak in the 100+ degree water.  It was heavenly to say the least.

Getting back from our soak we had dinner and then got busy doing some sign making. The Dremmels and Kates Acrylic paints were out and in use.

Kristi - you would have been proud of our arts and crafts hour.

IMG 4729

Why the sign making you ask??? 

Well that will be covered in the next blog.

While in the hot springs we met a nice couple from Switzerland who are traveling to Alaska in a Truck Camper.  

After dinner they came over to our site and spent some time sharing travel stories with us…  and a bar of Toblerone Chocolate.  Yum.

Like everyone else we meet from Europe, they are amazed at the size of our rigs.

We all sat around and laughed as the endless day slowly progressed towards dusk.

It was a fun end to another amazing day on the Alcan.

Tomorrow is a short day - only about 3 3/4 hrs of drive time and we will end the day at a provincial campground just west of Watson Lake ,Yukon

This post will probably be uploaded from there when I can find some free wifi to scarf.

See ya there.



  1. Greg:

    The spider web has me WORRIED - you better look under the truck and Monty and see if you have a big visitor that is taking you along for a dinner cruise! I've watched to many horror flicks, so I know how these things can turn out......

  2. The Loosey Goosey bunch is about a day or two ahead of you. Look for orange name tags and shirts.

  3. I'll never complain about gas prices again! (I don't anyway because there's nothing I can do about it) but whoa, that's high. I love seeing the wildlife. I hear Moose are mean, or is it mooses lol! Safe travels!


  4. Love all the wildlife photo's. And the pretty scenery too! This just might be one of my favorite posts.... T

  5. At least HITCH is outside. What a crazy spider for sure. Your photos are once again fantastic. I see a calendar in the making!


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