Saturday, September 21, 2013

Colonial Williamsburg Virginia

We are back on the road.
Final Destination is unknown as our life is in a possible transition,
(more on that in a later post)
 but we do have some stops planned along the way to wherever.

Currently we are in Colonial Williamsburg.

Kate & I have never been here and it is a real treat.

We've planned this visit for some time now to meet up with good friends.  
We tried to pick a spot that was equidistant for all of us...
Pat & Eric had the longest ride but the destination is worth it for all.

Last night everyone came to visit us at the RV Park.
We drank a few bottles of wine, had a campfire, and all got caught up on our various
travels since our last time together.  
Eric & Pat shared their sailboat adventures in the Caribbean,  
Hayden & Radeen the Bahamas & Italy, 
Kate and I Arizona and the Desert.

Hayden got caught up with some quality Doodletime.

Today we all headed off to visit Colonial Williamsburg

Our first stop was the governors mansion.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera today so all the photos were taken with
my iPhone.

Williamsburg was the Colonial Capital of Virginia until the war
for independence began, at which point it was moved inland to Richmond.

It is an amazingly restored city.
All the workers are dressed in period costumes and act out in a manner of the times.
There are fife and drum corps, plays, trials, and all manner of occupations
on display that would have been in the old city during the 18th century.

They try to maintain the historic accuracy.
Much of the items used on site, bread, clothing, tools, etc are
made in the village using the traditional methods.

Here we visit the blacksmith shop.

Here the ladies pose with one of the available gentlemen.

The taxi.

As usual - Kate led me down the wrong path.

It was a great day - wonderful weather - and we saw much but there is
still much to see.

Tonight we went out to a fantastic French restaurant, Le Yaca, and had one of the
best dinners in a long time.

Tomorrow we head to Yorktown to learn about the surrender of the Brittish
that ended the Revolutionary war, and then will have dinner at one of the
Taverns in Colonial Williamsburg.

Let's hope I remember the camera this time....

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  1. It is wonderful traveling with you both. Great job on the post. Williamsburg is a very special place!


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