Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

Yesterday we made the long haul road trip up to Tuscon.
It was all of 50 miles.

We are now at Catalina State Park, just north of Tucson in
Oro Valley, Az. 

This will be our home for the next two weeks thru Christmas & New Years

It's a very pretty park set at the base of
The Santa Catalina Mountains. 

In the photo above - taken from our site - you can see a bit of leftover
snow at the top of the ridge.

The Catalinas line the eastern edge of the Valley in which Tucson
is located.  The highest point in the range is Mt Lemmon, which rises a
bit over 9,000' and with the altitude of Tucson around 2,600' there is quite 
a view to be had from up on top of the range.

We will be exploring the Catalinas and Mt. Lemmon during our stay.

A view of the street in front of our site.

Due to the weekend, and the proximity to Tucson there are more people staying here,
than were at Kartchner Caverns where we had the place almost to ourselves.

What is interesting - and quite convenient is that once we leave the peace and
quiet of the State Park - directly outside the gate is civilization.

Within less than a mile can be found Wallmart, Home Depot, Supermarkets,
Restaurants... anything one might need or desire.

Our Site - #B8

We have water, 50 amp service, and a strong 4G signal.

The View out the back window

The View from the side window

The photos right now are not doing things justice as its a tad overcast but
as I write the sun is breaking out and it promises to be another beautiful
day of blue skies and mid 70's temps....  
of course with that wonderful Western Dry Air!

Last night we met up with a friend of mine who lives here and went out
for some delicious Mexican food.  We had a great time.

I had a Chile Relleno
 (I always have to have one as there are so many different takes on them)
plus a green corn Tamale, and washed them down with an ice cold Corona.

I think we are going to enjoy our stay here!


  1. What kind of mileage have you been getting with the truck - especially with the high winds you had for several days while traveling?

  2. Well it's been a double whammy as I haven't been driving my usual 60 mph to save fuel.

    For comparison - Under normal conditions at 60 mph I'll get about 11 mpg. At 55 about 11.5
    Go up to about 68 and that drops to about 10.
    With the winds, and driving about 68 - 70 I got as low as 7.5mpg.
    On one long stretch heading into El Paso, Tx I actually had to back out of it and slow down to stretch my fuel so that I would arrive with my reserve of 10 gallons.

  3. You didn't mention which color chiles you had in your chile or red? Or do they do a special green and red one for Christmas?

  4. Green and red would be interesting... I don't think that I've ever seen a red chile relleno. Humm... you might be starting a new trend.


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