Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Quartzsite - Organ Pipe Cactus Natl Monument & The BIG R

Once again it's been a busy busy few weeks...
Our travels have taken us to Quartzsite for our 6 winter season and then
further south to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the Mexican Border,
and culminated today with THE BIG R.

But before I get too far ahead of myself.

We arrived at Plomosa Rd - our normal hangout at "Q" on Friday 1/11
Since it was 8 days before the start of the big RV show we had much of the BLM
land to ourselves.

Parked at Plomosa Rd BLM Land North of Q

Slowly over the next 5 days or so - many of our friends arrived and before we
knew it a group of over 70 rigs were circled nearby.

Some heavy rains (that became east coast snow) came passing thru
and the normally dry washes became running streams.

For me - a bit of rain is welcome as I know it will mean spring desert flowers later.

Desert Rains in Q
We settled into our routines of morning hikes and afternoon happy hours.
Below some of the gang and the 4 dogs...
Gracie, Lucy, & Olivia the 3 doodles are on the left,
and Buddy the Cockapoo on the right.

the 3 doodles in our EuroPrison

I've always called Q "Geezer Wintercamp"
Lots of toys around.
Below a paraglider sails gently in the dwindling sunset.

Warming my feet at the fire.

The full moon (after the lunar eclipse) sets in the west just prior to sunrise in the east.

Two weeks later - the RV show is over and the crowds started to dwindle.
We joined remaining friends in the circle for burgers & dogs courtesy Jack & Dave.

On Monday 1/28 we headed 3hrs south and east to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
The campground is quite nice for a National Park Campground.   A decent amount
of space between sites...   dry camping of course.

Site 79 Twin Peaks CG in Organ Pipe
If this is Arizona... then the desert sunsets are the best!

The Big R

Well it's official today.


To celebrate - we took a drive on the Ajo Mountain Loop and stopped for a hike.

Ajo Mountain Loop - Organ Pipe NM

Those rains that have been soaking the desert during the late summer and
winter are now paying off in what I think will be a great spring flower show.

We took a hike up the Arch Canyon Trail and enjoyed the good start to
the Spring Flower Display

Notice the arch above Robs head.

Double Arch - Organ Pipe Cactus Natl Monument.

The variety of flora in the Sonoran Desert is amazing.
The colors were breaking out everywhere.

Looking towards the west on the trail.
The partly cloudy weather, 70's temps and gentle breezes made
for a perfect day for a hike.

Looking west down Arch Canyon

So today was a good start to my next chapter.

Tomorrow we'll head to an Oasis right on the border and take a hike up to the lake,
and then Friday it's back to Catalina State Park near home.

See you in the Old Pueblo.

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