Saturday, January 5, 2019

Back on the road

I know that we've been MIA for a couple of months which is not really like us,
but we did have a good reason.

So I'm doing this quick post to bring you up to date and give you some things to
look forward to.

We we got back to Tucson, we had a brand new empty house waiting for us so
we had to get our things in storage delivered, and we also had to buy quite
a few things to get the place settled a bit.

The Garage after the movers left
Night or day we have a great view.

Thankgiving brought our frends Pat & Rob for a visit.
Pat & Rob were with us when we first found this lot and signed the contract to build,
so it was entirely fitting that they were also our first guests.

Before we knew it - Christmas was here and time to roast a Prime Rib.

Pat and Rob joined us again, and Pat made Yorkshire Puddings.

Rob made his signature gravy..
I inserted and removed the temperature probe from the roast.

I also had a spurt of domestication and made some Oatmeal Wheat Bread.

Every night we have great sunsets.

Just prior to sunset, the walls light up with the color of the setting sun.
I call it the sunset alarm.
The better the colors - the better the upcoming sunset.

Just about every night is a great show!

And then in the mornings we get the moonset.

New Years morning we woke up to snow on the distant mountains...

And on the Tortolita mountains right outside the door the snow was 
only a couple of hundred feet higher elevation.

So for now the house is done inside and we can hit the road.

I'm writing this post from the Bus.

We are at Lake Pleasant outside of Phoenix with Rob & Pat and will be
heading to Quartzite next Friday for the Big RV show and gathering.
We'll boondock north of Q for a couple of weeks and then
spend the next month or so bouncing around the desert before we head back
to the house.

In the meantime, landscapers will arrive in a couple of weeks to finish off the backyard and create
our own little slice of paradise.
The doodles will have their very own artificial turf to romp on!

But don't let this fool you into thinking that we are settling down and 
becoming homebodies....
Far from it.

February 1 is my retirement.

We have guests from NY, Switzerland and England coming in Feb & March,
In May we'll be back to Alaska for the summer.

Winter 2020 will be a mix of home and our usual desert roaming.

And summer 2020 its back on the QM2 to the UK for 4 months.

See you in Q!

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