Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kluane Lake

Since leaving Whitehorse we’ve been spending time at the lakes.
Our first stop was Kathleen Lake which is about 115 mi Northwest of Whitehorse
and 16 miles south of Haines Junction which we covered
in our last post.

It was a surprising bonus that I had internet there.  
The downside was that I did not get to take a couple of well deserved days off from work.

Maybe down the road.

Below is the view from the my bedroom window on our final morning in Kluane NP.

The rising sun painted the clouds and snow-covered peaks with a fiery glow
and again these photos cannot do the scene justice.

1a Katheen Lake Campground Kluane Natoinal Park Yukon
1b Katheen Lake Campground Kluane Natoinal Park Yukon

We had a leisurely departure that morning as our next stop was only 80 miles or so
down the road so I took advantage of my internet connection to  finish up
on some last minute work requests before heading out around 11am.

If I was forced to choose I might say that the drive from Haines Jct to Kluane Lake
and beyond is one of the prettiest parts of the AH.

Paralleling the St Elias Mountains which have the highest peaks in Canada its a beautiful drive
 and then later beyond Kluane the broad valleys, majestic mountains and long range views
continue - even as the road condition deteriorates.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The clouds paint a dramatic backdrop on the road between Haines Jct and Kluane Lake.

2b Alaska Highway Haines Junction to Kluane Lake

Our next stop was beautiful Kluane Lake - the largest in the Yukon.
We had stopped here last trip at the Congdon Creek Yukon Govt Campground
and we wanted to come back and spend more time.

There was also a private RV park about 6 miles prior to Congdon that I had heard about
and wanted to try so first we stopped there.

We spend two nights in a boondocking site at the Cottonwood RV Park

They do have electric (15a only) and water sites and a dump on premise.
We did not use their utilities.

2c Kluane Lake
Our view at Cottonwood
While true that the view is great - the owner (husband not the wife) seemed as if he considered
us a necessary evil to supplement his summer existence here in the Yukon.
The wife was wonderful but he was the first person in all of my years  of
RVing that I had words with.

Kate said it best when se said that she felt like we were unwelcome guests
parked on their property.

So that was our impression.  Yours might be different.

We had a gorgeous sunrise and looked forward to getting out of there
and heading to where we should have gone in the first place.

2d Kluane Lake
A Kluane Lake Sunrise in the Yukon

Our Boondocking site at Cottonwood

2e Kluane Lake

Just a few more miles down the road is the Congdon Creek Yukon Govt Campground.

At $12/night (free firewood included) it is 1/3 the price of Cottonwood and more our cup of tea.

Just my opinion, but I think the people who are looking only for hookups 
are really missing the real beauty of being in such remote spots.

Mid day you can sit outside and hear a pine cone drop a mile away!  
You don’t get that when you are crammed in with 40 other RV’s.

But then again - I guess that is why these spots are so quiet...
Most folks are somewhere else!

The lake was like glass.
Where the sky meets the water.
2F Kluane Lake
Kluane Lake Yukon - reflections

Our campsite was huge and next to the lake.
A double site - this is the same site that our friends John & Ron stayed in last time.

3a Congdon Creek YT Campground
Site #9 Congdon Creek Yukon Govt Campground
From this spot we had a good view of the satellites and mostly no shade on the panels.

We get the best of both worlds...

The beauty, peace, and quiet of the Yukon, 
and some relaxing time on the couch with HD TV.

Plus a killer view out the front window!

3b Congdon Creek YT Campground
Congdon Creek Yukon Govt Campground

This is on the beach right next to our campsite.   Two days in a row the lake was like glass!

3c Congdon Creek YT Campground 
Congdon Creek has two loops.  
One is along the water front with about 10sites where we are, 
and then a second loop back in the trees with back in and pull thru sites.  
Below is the back loop.   
The sites will handle any size RV and you can drive in - check it out - and drive out with
no worries about un-hooking.  
Plenty of room to negotiate the roads with no worries.

3d Congdon Creek YT Campground 
And one of the great features of all the Yukon Govt Campgrounds...

Free dry firewood!

3e Congdon Creek YT Campground

Amber has been asking me for more wildlife photos.
We haven’t seen much along the road lately but did find a few rare critters.

A pair of Yukon lovebirds
3f Congdon Creek YT Campground

And a pair of Majestic Northern Hunting Doodles.
3g Congdon Creek YT Campground
We don’t have internet here at Congdon Creek but there is cell service about 10 miles
up the road in Destruction Bay.

I need to run up there later to send out a contract that I put together last night for work
so I am doing this post on my off-line blog editor and will
upload it to the blog later when I run up to email the contract.

The down side of the off line editor is I have to size the pictures prior to uploading them.
They are larger on the blog page - but you cannot click on them to expand them in size like
most of my posts.

We are here at Congdon Creek for another day or two and then will probably head
to Tok, Ak which is only about 200 miles or so down the road.

One last point
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I thought I’d just point it out as you might find it convenient.


  1. What offline blog editor do you use? Are you able to include your photos in the post even when offline then just click the publish button to post when you have Internet? Or do you insert the photos when you have Internet before publishing but just do your writing offline? Hope that makes sense to you. Thanks!

    1. Mars Edit. I sent you and email. If you did not receive it let me know. Hope that you guys are enjoying the Maritimes. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere down the road.

    2. I did not get an email from you Greg. I'll look back not Mars Edit. Thanks! And yes we are having a wonderful time. Get on the ferry for a month in Newfoundland tomorrow.

  2. Quite enjoyed this blog entry, as two summers ago we spent six weeks doing a similar trip! We unfortunately just had a truck & slide in camper at the time, so I can only imagine the added comfort you have with the MH. We've been looking for one for a year and a half now, but with the exchange rate between Canada (where live) and the U.S. finding one as new as possible in our budget is difficult when we have to add on the 40% of the $$ and then another 12% in taxes added on to the final cost, not to mention getting it home and through a safety inspection. Needless to say, we envy you in both the current trip your on, and your accommodation! Very much enjoyed it Greg, so keep up to good work, and sit back and enjoy, as that scenery is exemplary!

    1. I'm delighted that you are enjoying the ride. I can understand the exchange rate. We are currently enjoying the GOOD exchange rate of .73 or so.. When we purchased the Bus we had a 5th wheel and a Truck Camper. We miss the TC. We really enjoyed the Truck Camper. It was great for getting to those out of the way spots. I still think one is in our future. Right now we have some excursions planned using the F150 with the cap as a mini-truck camper.

  3. I love the wildlife!! Love birds &!! Perfect. That sunset is gorgeous. I'm going to email you our beautify Beaufort sunset from last week. The sky was pink. Safe travels!!

    1. Got your picture there Amber Girl.... Looking good for sure. Miss you guys. Give Kemp a big kiss from ME! xxoo

  4. What beautiful scenery! The lake photos truly do not look real....isn't that an odd way to compliment? Anyway, glad to know you two lovebirds and the Doods are well and that life on the open road is treating you so grumpy guy notwithstanding!

    1. It does not look real. I agree. It was really something looking across the lake and trying to figure out where the real stopped and the reflections began. Give Hayden a kiss from all 4 of us. Wish you were flying in with the Fulmers. We are excited to be seeing them in about a week! Yay!

  5. I love it that there are so many beautiful places right here in North America. So much to see and I'm happy for you both that you are doing it!

    1. North America... South America... Europe... its hard to tell the difference sometimes. The money looks different... The people are the same. It's a small world these days. When I look at the BIG map it's hard to envision how far we've come, but lot's of cool plans in the future for sure. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Maybe we'll bump into you in some crazy place like... oh lets say a barbecue place in Austin!

  6. just never know where we will see each other next!


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