Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Quartzsite 2016

If it's Mid-January then this must be Quartzsite, Arizona.
We have been here this week for the annual gathering of friends and
the Big RV Show.

Each January, thousands of RVs descend upon this tiny desert town for
the RV show and related gatherings.

Many RV clubs hold get togethers all over the nearby desert.

Like thousands of others, we staked out our own piece of the desert.
Just pull off the highway in a spot that strikes your fancy and make yourself at home.

A colorful sunrise usually starts our day.

We meet up with old friends from our Montana Group.
About 30 Rigs formed the circle.   We parked outside but nearby.

Many folks break out their other "toys" that get transported in their RV's...
A paraglider makes a low pass behind our bus.

A visit to the RV Show is always on the list of activities.

There is the "Big Tent", plus acres of Midways.
Lots of junk vendors, plus many reputable products.
Its a great place to acquire needed upgrades.

A few dollars of mine were left in the tent.

Inside the "Big Tent".  Its about a football field in size.

Gracie and Lucy get a visit from Buddy & Chili, two new pups in the group.

The Ladies do the Can-Can

Mr & Mrs Yours Truly

Happy hours are a good time to get together to meet and greet, catch up on the days action,
and learn about new vendors at the show.

This was the final happy hour at the Montana Circle.

Our final Quartzsite sunset.

But many more Arizona Sunsets remain ahead.

Tomorrow I have a 9am appointment near the big tent to have some modifications performed
on the steering and suspension of the bus.

We are having a Safe T Plus steering stabilizer added.  This will improve normal
handling as well as keep the bus tracking straight in the event of a steer tire blowout.

We are also having MCS's (motion control units) installed on the airbags.
They improve side to side sway of the bus by limiting the speed at which air
enters or leaves the airbags.

These two proven modifications will improve the handling and comfort of the already
comfortable ride as well as add an important safety feature to the steering.

 After we finish up with the modifications, we will drive 90 miles south
to Yuma where we will stay at an RV Park thru Sunday.  

This is our usual post Quartzsite activity.

This year we have about 6 rigs going to Yuma
so there will be more happy hours ahead as well as Bronco Sunday.

Go Broncos!


  1. You desert rats, we need more photos of THE KIDS! Looking good out there and the sunsets are beautiful. We are living parallel lives, just you in the desert us in the water. Fun Fun Fun. Thanks for update.

  2. I think you should get a pair of those glasses for Ron when you come here for his birthday party in April.

  3. Gorgeous sunsets! Mac needs to see the paraglider, he was one for a short time lol! Glad you guys are trucking along good. Stay warm, it's 27 here this wonderful Wednesday morning! Safe travels!

  4. I agree, the sunset picture is beautiful as always! And I love the selfie picture too! T

  5. Love the selfie!! I need those glasses to cover my black eye...Margie :o)

  6. Whoo-hoo! Chili has a cameo in your blog. I love it. We've had a fun week. Never enough time to fit it all the visiting between everything else going on. We will see you down the road I'm sure. Safe travels.

  7. You guys look like you are having soo much fun! XXOO Rose

  8. You are the envy of Beaufort. Believe it or not we've had some pretty spectacular sunrises lately. Missing you guys!!

  9. Picture of the Ladies doing the can-can is inspiring. Reminds of the great Alaska trip and all the good times.

  10. Hi Guys I love this scenry! Great pictures! Just 4 weeks to join us. Try to learn a bit about Football... Have fun watching the game. See ya....


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