Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring is Springing & A Battery Makeover

A lot of people that I talk to think of the desert as a barren wasteland.
Just dirt, rock, and cactus.
Barren and unchanging - season to season.

Nothing could be further from the truth however.

The desert wildflowers are beginning to bloom.   The show will increase
as the days and weeks roll by but we are getting some of the early peeks
at the colors to come.

This Prickly Pear Cactus is showing off its spring finery.

I'm not certain as to the names of the two bushes below, but they
were blooming all over Lake Pleasant Regional Park just
North of Phoenix for the last 3 days.

While in Lake Pleasant, we were invited down for a Sonoran Hot Dog lunch
with 4 other couples that we know from our Montana Group.
They are spending a couple of months in Phoenix to Golf and attend 
Spring Baseball Training games by
one or more of the 15 teams that are here.

What's a Sonoran Hot Dog you ask??
So did I.

How about:
Big juicy hot dogs, wrapped in bacon, covered with cheese, and then
all sorts of toppings - onions, guacamole, salsa, chili, beans, salads, etc.

It was great visiting with all of them - unfortunately I forgot to bring the
camera so no pictures.

Thanks for a great lunch and afternoon!
Kate and I had a wonderful time.  
We owe you guys a lunch!

While at Lk Pleasant I also broke out the radiant grill
to cook up a couple of beauties.

Marcel - this steak's for you!

Our site at the Lake as the sun casts the final rays of the day.

This morning we hit the road and headed down to Mesa where I had
an appointment to have 6 new batteries installed.
It's an easy job that I could have done myself but the batteries are 90lbs each
and they did not charge much so I sat back and let them do it.

We installed 6 Lifeline GPL-6CT batteries.
6v 300ah each gives us a 900ah bank at 12v.

The batteries just barely make it into the battery compartment.

But make it they did.

Step 1   Install Battery Monitor...  done!
Step 2  New Larger AGM Battery Bank....    Done!
Step 3   Add Solar Panels to the Roof...   Next on the list.

Then I will be done.

After the batteries we moved an hour south to Picacho Peak State Park.
We have passed by here at least a dozen times and always wanted to stay and
check it out.   So here we are.

Each time we pass thru I play Pat Metheny - Last Train Home.
Lindsay knows why.

The park has several hiking trails including one to the top of the peak for 
the more adventurous.

Our site has electric which is necessary for the A/C right now as the temps are unseasonably
warm in the high 80's and low 90's.    Time to head for higher elevation.

Our view with Picacho Peak in the background.

Sunday we will depart and head 5 hrs north west to Las Vegas where we
will spend two weeks.
I have to fly to NY for business and you can fly direct to ANYWHERE from Las Vegas
so it is a good place to hang out.

Jim & Kristi,  returning from Mexico, will hook back up with us there later in our visit 
and hopefully keep Kate out of trouble while I'm gone.


  1. Wow that's a big rig you're driving now Greg. Like to see some pix with it all hooked up truck and all. How does it drive?
    Cool to see some of the desert flowers in bloom. I spent a little time in the area..the flowers seem so sharp in color and beautiful. Glad you're in a class A now..really nice ride!

  2. Hi!! Glad to know that all is well on board your new and very beautiful ride. Hang on to your quarters in Vegas. Bellagio is amazing! Have fun!

  3. Snazzy rig.
    And I agree, every place, including the desert, has its own beauty. Now you are riding in even more comfort to enjoy it all the more.

  4. I love seeing pretty flowers pop up in the middle of the desert. I have got to try one of those hotdogs, you had me at bacon & cheese lol! Have fun in Vegas, get Kate. Chaperone (hehehehe)!


  5. Hi guys, yes that's my size! Mmmhhh looks really good! Wish could share with you!
    All the best,
    Marcello, Zuerich, suisse


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