Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The other side of the Sunrise

At the other end of the Sunrise lays the Sunset.
And like the song says:
Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.

Yesterday was diamonds at both ends.

The pastel colors in the sky towards the Northeast alerted us to
the show taking place to the west.

Nothing symbolizes the great Southwest more than a Saguaro Cactus. 
They are found only in the Sonoran Desert

I love how mountains will cast shadows on the clouds

Not all sunrises and sunsets are red.
The picture below is one of my favorites.
I love how the sun colors the spines in different hues.
This sunrise shot was taken last winter over at McDowell Mountain.

I've used the above picture as this websites favicon.
If you've never noticed - the  arrow in the picture below points to it.

Mother Nature does a pretty amazing job.


  1. Oh beautiful for spacious skies!
    Thanks for the treat.

  2. Breathtaking sunrise/sunsets! I keep saying, you need to write a travel book or the very least, a coffee table book full of your gorgeous pictures!!! Cheryl


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