Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Circle Grows

It's amazing the difference that a day makes.
Yesterday there was 4 or 5 Rigs here in the Desert north
of Quartzsite, Arizona.

Tonight there is perhaps 20.
More are coming.

A reminder on the Desert Topography here.

The ground consists of wide expanses of hard pack soil and rock.
On either side of these areas are "washes"…  Sandy areas with some
plant life where during the infrequent rains the run off would gather and
form streams.

Some of these washes you can drive thru - others you cannot.

Each of these flat expanses are kind of like a neighborhood, the washes
defining the boundaries of each.
Most are empty right now, but this particular one is where the 
Montana Owners have met year after year.

Last year we were part of the big circle of Rigs.
This year we have decided to stay in the "suburbs" with friends of ours.
About half of the eventual attendees form the circle and half are outside in the outlying
areas.    We are in the neighborhood immediately on the other side of the wash from
the circle.  We are backed up to the wash separating us from the circle.
You don't want to park in a wash because a good rain could leave you stranded in mud.

This is our view looking east from where we are parked.
The circle is forming on the right side of this picture and eventually will extend
even further to the right out of view.

What was funny was yesterday when we arrived there was almost no one here.
In the spot where we decided to park - knowing it was right next to where the
circle would be forming - there was one trailer parked.  He was not part of the Montana
Group.     He had this whole area pretty much to himself.   I'm sure life was quiet and peaceful.
He must have wondered why - with the whole desert to choose from - I
decided to park 100' from where he was.

This morning by 0900 or so he was off somewhere for the day and did not get back
until late afternoon by which time about 15 rigs had shown up and his little
trailer was surrounded by big Montana and Class A Party Busses.

Needless to say - he was packed up and gone in no time.
Poor guy never knew what hit him.

This is looking west - we are on the left and our friends Ron & Maxine
and their Class A Party Bus are on the right.

Ron & Maxine will be traveling with us to Alaska this summer along
with our other friend John who you will see (again) as some point before this
winters festivities wrap up.  John is serving as the Wagon Master
for this get together so he is keeping quite busy.

The actual Rally does not begin until Tuesday.
There are about 70 rigs who are headed this way.
Right now this is the what the circle looked like at sunset.
Each day it will grow.

Happy Hour last night was about a dozen people - tonight it was
30 or 40…    and growing.

The weather has been absolutely perfect and the forecast is for it to continue.
Last year it was windy and bitter cold when we arrived.
This year it is mid-70's during the day and 40's at night.
Warm and sunny during the day and perfect sleeping weather at night.

Broncos beat the Chargers today…
Next week New England will visit Denver.
One more win and it's Super Bowl Time!
Go Broncos!


  1. Let the games begin. Looks like another fun year building in the desert once again. This has to be the mega of all events. How fun. PS: Bronco's are amazing!

  2. Glad you are having such nice weather! Enjoy your friends and the events and keep posting those beautiful photos!


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