Saturday, June 23, 2012

Picnic in the Pines

Today we had planned on going over to Mesa Verde and explore so of the areas
on Wetherill Mesa that we did not get to visit last year.

Last night however a wild fire broke out between us and there...
The truck was covered with ash this morning...
I woke up not wanting to drive a bunch today,
We really wanted to play with the Doodles...
Kate was fine just hanging out at the campground...
It was looking like it was going to be a couch potato day...

A perfect day for a Picnic!

I did some quick internet research...
Found a nice lake nearby in the San Juan National Forest..
We headed off to City Market and got some Fried Chicken, Mac & Potato Salads,
and Voila!
Instant Picnic.

A view of the lake from our Picnic site...
Notice the haze...  that's smoke from the fire near our campground.

Our picnic site in the pines!

The girls enjoyed their little spot by the lake.

It really was a pretty lake.
Reminded me a bit of Lake George in Upstate NY.

Our self portrait

On the way back to the camp I filled up with Diesel, and tomorrow morning
we will pack up camp after 5 days here  (boy time flies) and head
6 hrs north east to Cheyenne Mountain State Park overlooking
Colorado Springs.

While there I'll show Kate all the tourist stuff like
Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, The Cheyenne Mtn Zoo,
the Air Force Academy...
Sorry Bobby.... you've heard this already...!

Stay tuned.  C Springs is a great town and a lot of fun!


  1. Like your choice of beverages! Where next?

  2. Again, the photos are beautiful and the picnic sounds perfect. Those DOODLES have seen 10 times more country than most people in a lifetime. Lucky DOGS! You are writing a travel book here for all to follow. Great job!

  3. I've heard Blue Moon called a lot of things but never Diesel.


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