Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Rock

We arrived in Gibraltar last night just after dark.

I got settled into my bunk and slept a good long sleep and now feel caught up and on schedule.

This morning dawned crystal clear and a comfortable 60 degrees.  After breakfast we set about rigging the headsails on the boat, testing the whisker pole that we will be using on the Trans-Atlantic leg and running some gear checks.

Then around 1pm we set off to climb the rock.  Just as we were about to take the tram ride to the top we were stopped by a tour guide who convinced us to take his tour in his mini van to the top instead.  We decided to take his tour and it was a great decision.  For about 2 hrs we drove around with him got the history of Gibraltar and toured The natural caves, fought off the Barbary Monkeys, toured the defensive caves dug for Gibraltar's defense, and got some awesome sights of the Strait of Gibraltar which we will be sailing thru in just a few more days.

The crew at the top - you can see the peak of the Rock just behind us.

Grooming time on the rock.

A time for reflection

This natural cave has an amphitheater where concerts are held.

Looking southwest from the rock at the Strait of Gibraltar.
On the right is Spain and the European Continent.
Off in the distance on the left is Morocco and the Continent of Africa.
Right down the middle is the Strait and beyond the Atlantic Ocean and home.
If you notice - there are ships everywhere as 
the Strait is one of the busiest shipping channels in the world.
Ancient legend held that this was the gates to Hades and the end of the world.

I gotta get this monkey off of my back man...

Next we went into the Revolutionary era caves dug as fortifications during the Great Siege.
During WWII the Brittish expanded the caves to over 34 miles of tunnels - some that 
are two lanes wide!

This is a view to the North towards Spain.  Spain is right on the other side of the Airport.
Our Marina is just to the left of the runway..   See the boats?

And back by request...  todays self portrait (minus Kate)

Our weather forecast has come in and all looks good for a Saturday Morning departure
to the Canary Islands.
Tomorrow is Turkey day so happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. You are brave to have the monkey on you, John does not like monkeys at all but I think they are cute. Looks like you are having a great time. Kim

  2. I'm glad you were able to tell who was who


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