Sunday, August 22, 2010

Invasion of the Carrot Snatchers

The forecast for Saturday and Sunday called for "zero chance" of rain, so many of the Carrotheads at the Carrot Island Yacht Club headed out to Cape Lookout for a weekend of quiet reflection and solitude.

At one point our raft had 11 boats and just about at dinner time the radar on the boats showed that our weather forecast was less than correct.  Will Kate and the Doodles get back from beach-combing in time to tell the Capt how to properly undue a raft while not spilling the beer?

We started to break down the raft as the first squall moved thru and it went quite quick and smoothly.  All the carrotheads swiftly and deftly scattered about the anchorage to lick their wounds and continue the quiet reflection - albeit in slightly smaller groups.

Dawn broke on another fine day.  ei'Lean sat on her anchor flying the IP Flag.  Too bad last nights fenders were still dangling - it might have been a nice picture.

Till next time Carrot Heads!

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  1. Hey Greg, I know you have to have a photo worthy of the IP calendar, not send me your best ones, this IP flag is COOL, you know I love that.


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