Sunday, June 10, 2018

Lourmarin, France

On Thursday morning we were back on the road...
Our next destination was the small village of Lourmarin in the southern France region of Provence.

If you've read the book by Peter Mayle "A year in Provence" then you have a headstart
on what life here is like.

It was only a few miles from here where he settled, and wrote about life in this
quaint and beautiful region.

Since it was only a 4 hr drive from Annecy, we could get there before the workday
started, so we took our time and stopped a few times along the way.

The nice thing about working from here is that by 3pm we've put in a pretty full day,
yet in New York it is only 9 am and the work day is just beginning.....
so I can really pack a lot of activity into each day before my work day even starts.

Our route from Annecy to Lourmarin
Our flat here in Lourmarin is our 5th AirBnB rental so far this trip - and like the others is a winner!

Located above Cafe Gabby on the main town square it looks over a lively scene.
From our perch we watch the ebb and flow of the village each day as it comes to life,
and then slowly goes back to sleep.

We enjoy a nice cool local Rose' on the square.

Our windows (arrows) look out over the square
We've been taking life here a little bit slower.
Its a very small village and we've stayed close to home.
We walk the narrow back streets exploring the village...

And a short stroll takes us into the vineyards which surround the village.

Friday morning was Market Day!
The town population swelled as people from all over the region came into town
to shop at the market as did we.

Provencal Olives & Garlics
We purchased some Olives, & Marinated Garlics.
Some charcuterie...

A varied assortment of cheeses and charcuterie
We stopped at the Rotisserie and bought a small pork loin, chicken, and honeymoon ham,
with roasted potatoes, and a vegetable medley.

Enough food for 5 meals or so... for less than €30!

A common scene - note the baguettes in the woman's bag
Our weather has varied from cloudy to sunny, but warm and pleasant.

Our view from our window.

Right below and a few doors down is a wonderful boulangerie (bakery)
Each morning I run down before Kate gets up and grab a couple of baguettes, warm from the oven.
Some fresh French Butter and Orange Marmalade....  Yum!

Then in the afternoon....  a nice cool Rose and a few bites of the crusty baguette!

Now this is a mid-day snack!

Tomorrow we have a 6 hr drive as we change towns and countries.

Tomorrow is Pisa Italy where we meet up with friends Eric & Pat who
you might remember from our travels last summer in Alaska.

3 hrs first on the French Toll road, then 3 hrs on the Italian toll road the Autostrada.

Time to forget my French and start to learn Italian....

Now what was the word for tollbooth ahead?


  1. What an adventure you four are having! Keep the post coming, I'm loving it!

  2. Your village looked perfect. Post more often, please, please! Have a wonderful time with Eric and Pat!

  3. The baguettes look amazing! I love the quaint town square. See y’all in Italy!

    Amber (Not David who has taken over my account lol)


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