Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pilot Mountain and Back at the Shack

On Sunday we took the short drive to Pilot Mountain State Park.
Fans of the Andy Griffith show will recall that they often
referred to the town "Mount Pilot"

Pilot Mountain is located in the town by the same name is is
basically a mountain that did now errode while the land around it did
and now stands alone in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.

The drive to the top is tree lined and quite scenic.

At the top you are rewarded with hundred mile views of the farmland below.

and a close up of Pilot Mountain across a narrow saddle.

A Vulture posed for this shot before taking wing on the thermals.

It was a beautiful day with low humidity... 
perfect for a short hike.

Later we returned back to the campground for the Sunday
night campfire.

Today - (Tuesday) we said goodbye to our new friends,
and to our old ones and headed the 5 hrs back home.

Many of the folks here we will see at the Rally this Fall
in Indiana and the others....  somewhere down the road for sure.

I was a bit lazy this weekend and did not get as many photos of the Rally
as I normally do so sorry about that.  Next time we'll do better.

The rally was a lot of fun and as always - the time passes too quickly.

The Rally this fall in Indiana will have 119 Montana's in attendance from
all over the US.  Should be a hoot.

Now - its time to mow the grass.

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  1. Short on photos, not really. I like how you tell a running story with your photos. It is fun to travel along, especially while sparkling and painting here at home.


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