Sunday, June 19, 2011

Along the Galatin

Yesterday we drove about 4hrs South from Missoula, Mt to our current camp along the banks of the Gallatin River.  It is a national forest campground and the spot is quite scenic.  
As I sit here and type, outside the window the snow (and rain) swollen Gallatin River rushes by on its journey to the sea.  It is somewhat mesmerizing just to sit and watch the water flow by as it breaks and dances over the unseen boulders below the surface.

Every so often some river rafters float by on their journey downstream.  It would be great to come back some time and do a river trip.

In front of the camper rises red stone cliffs.   Hence the name of the campground - "Red Cliff".  This campground is popular with rock climbers who come to take a shot at ascending the cliff face.

Meanwhile Kate is sitting on the couch teaching Lucy to scratch her back.   She is actually having pretty good luck with it.   It's quite a scene.

Back outside - unfortunately (after a very brief respite)  the rain has returned.  It is of the on and off intermittent variety however and we will deal with it.  The forecast is calling for some sun while we are at Yellowstone so we will keep our fingers crossed.

We are in a fairly narrow canyon and my internet connection is extremely slow here so I will not be able to upload any pictures this post.  I have a feeling that tonights should be better as we will just be a few miles outside of West Yellowstone, Mt.  A small town but still civilization...

See you there.

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