Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jordan Lake

Well we woke up to freezing temps - packed up the Doodles yesterday (Saturday) and headed 3 hrs east to Jordan Lake State Park.

This was us leaving Stone Mountain.

Jordan Lake is quite a beautiful area.  Lots of Pine and Oak trees.  It was one of those clear late fall days, the sky was bright blue, cloudless, crystal clear, and we had the wind and chilly temps to match.

Hanging out at the day-use area

The odd thing here was that when we arrived at noon - we were informed that someone had been camping on our site the night before and since check out time was not till 3pm, we would have to go somewhere and hang out till then.   When I asked if we could check in once they left the Ranger said yes.  However we would not be allowed to enter the campground to check to see if they were gone, and most people do not check out when they leave - they just leave.  So....  The bottom line is we had to go to a day use area for a few hours and hang out.  No big deal but it would have been nice to drop off the camper and go exploring earlier.

Our Campsite on the lake

Early Morning Mist

Next weekend we hook up with friends who have a big class A RV down south in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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  1. We've stayed a Jordan Lake a lot. Great Place. Nice pictures


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